California Bag Ban: Duty Calls

October 27, 2012 | By More

On October 1st San Luis Obispo enacted a bag ban ordinance which prohibits retailers from offering plastic bags to their customers.  A great idea for many reasons, not the least of which is a recent government report estimating that plastic bags make up approximately 47 percent of the trash in some of the country’s local streams.

There has been some minor confusion at the checkout stands recently with people forgetting their bags at home and baggers feverishly trying to stuff 85 pounds of groceries into a paper sack (at 5 or 10 cents a bag).  As much as I am in favor of this movement being the right thing to do, there will be adjustments to make in our homes as well.

There are many uses for these plastic bags in our daily lives.   Lining bathroom trash cans, keeping wet laundry separate from dry, covering plants from frost, carrying fish out to the trash… the list is endless.

My main use for the ubiquitous plastic bag is as a pooper scooper.  These are so handy for the dreaded deed of dumping doggy doo.   We all do it.  Because it makes more sense to reuse a plastic grocery bag than to buy poop bags.  Now, that’s decadence.

Once I was working outdoors helping a client train his dog to walk on a loose leash.  While we were out, his dog pooped and my client grabbed a leaf and a stick and swept the poo onto the leaf and carefully carried it to the nearest trash can.  I watched in disbelief thinking to myself “Wow that’s pretty green!”

I’m not suggesting that we keep circulating plastic bags soley for the reuse of pooper scoopers but hey, I’m concerned.   If all the plastic bags eventually go away, that could be a real problem.  What else can you pick up poo with?  Carrying around with a hoe and shovel isn’t practical when you’re out for a walk.  What about diapers?  But, wouldn’t they be plastic too?  The more I think about it, that guy was on to something with the stick and the leaf.  I don’t remember his name, but I remember that I did not shake his hand goodbye.  ;-)

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