Dogs Love Thanksgiving

November 7, 2012 | By More

We love our dogs and it’s hard to deny them the joys of life…especially when it comes to food.  Here’s a few ideas for special Thanksgiving treats for Fido.

It’s tempting to lavish leftovers on your dog.  But some of the holiday delicacies can be difficult on a dog’s system.  There may be certain herbs and spices that can cause your dog discomfort or worse.  Even feeding rich food or a protein that he is not used to can cause him to feel ill.  And of course, turkey bones are never okay.  Please eat what you can, and save what you cannot for another day.  Remember, your dog is not a garbage disposal.

If you want to share some of your holiday meal with Fido, you can offer him a bit of  boneless turkey or some veggies…but just a little.  Try this.  Stuff a Kong toy with a few pieces kibble, then add some turkey, a layer of green beans or carrots, and plug the hole with sweet potato or squash.   You can come up with your own lushious layers, but just keep them healthy.   If you have time before-hand, you may want to stuff a Kong and freeze it so that it will last your dog a lot longer.  There is nothing to be gained by overindulging your dog.  Stomach upset, diarrhea or worse can result.

If you are expecting a house-full for Thanksgiving, be aware of Grandpa slipping him a piece of pumkin pie.  Little tots trying to eat and walk at the same time are often a good bet for some free food.  If things get too hectic for you to watch what your dog is eating, it may be best to have him relax in his kennel with a safe, fun, chew.  And maybe a dollop of pumkin… without the pie.

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