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July 26, 2012 | By More
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Help your Dog to Weather the Weather

Try to walk your dog in early morning and late evening.  Give her a break now and then if she needs to sit for a minute and cool off in the shade.

Take water with you if you are going to be out for a while; don’t let your dog drink any still water she may come across outdoors.

Foxtail weeds or any wild grass with barbed seeds, can work their way into your dog’s ears, nose, skin, (and worse) and do damage if left unnoticed.  If you are out in tall grass check your dog carefully when you get home, starting with between the toes and if possible keep your dog out of these areas during the summer months.  These little dry sticky weeds will play havoc with your dog and can make her very uncomfortable at the very least!

We all know about cars, but it still needs to be said.  Don’t leave your dog in the car at all in the summer, even for just a few minutes…even if it doesn’t feel that hot…even if the windows are left open.  Heat stroke can happen in minutes!

The back of a pickup may look like a fun ride.  But getting thrown into traffic is not the least of what can happen to a dog unsecured in the back of a pick up.  Your dog should be safely secured inside your vehicle.

Be aware that hot pavement or even sand can burn a dog’s feet.  Try to walk where there is grass or a cool surface.  Or you can purchase some doggie boots to keep her comfortable.

Your dog’s eyes are subject to sun and wind damage especially in the summertime.  Don’t laugh, but you can buy your dog her own pair of doggie goggles (Doggles) to protect him from the elements.  …ok, now you can laugh.

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