A Day in the Life of Stanley

April 7, 2013 | By More

stansday My little Terrier, Stanley.  This is probably how he’d describe a typical day…

Up at dawn, then out to soil the lawn.

A pre-breakfast biscuit lodged in a rubber stick… what fun!

Fiddle about the house for a while.

Then head to my kennel for a cookie while mom walks my big sister, Stella.

Mom’s back and it’s my turn for a walk…yay!

Most of my breakfast comes from mom’s pocket while she’s training me.  So I guess you could say I’m dining out.

Back at home I get to forage for the rest of my breakfast from a “green” feeder.  This takes time and effort, but I’m up for the challenge.

A little playtime with mom – tug, fetch, chase, or find it.

Head back to my kennel for a cookie and a daytime snooze.

Sometime later…

Mom is home and it’s time to soil the lawn again.

When I come back in and I show mom how much I missed her.  She missed me too.

Time for dinner.  A kong stuffed with kibble and wet food.  I…love…this!

Fiddle about the house for a while

…until daddy gets home.  God, I love this guy!!

I try to show him all my tricks, and I squiggle and squeal until he tells me to chill.

Then, mom & dad eat dinner and I go to my mat and catch a few treats just for staying there.  Piece of cake!

Still got an evening chew to look forward to.

Soil the lawn for one last time.

Then off to bed where I snuggle in between my mom & dad.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to start all over again!

How would your dog describe his/her day?  Walks, chews, puzzles, play, all necessary enrichment for every dog…every day!

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  1. Rahul says:

    puppy if you got tons of times!!!!, y didnt i seen it before i got my dog? the weird thing is that i got my dog the same day u upoeldad this vid o.0.my dog know about 30 to 40 words only about 10 of them are tricks. like it matter..the problem with my dog, is not how many words could she understand, because: if u been with ur puppy for long enough it will do whatever u want before u even think about it, they magic at times.american eskimo can read my brain. jk lol peacethanks for helping