About Us

Why Handle With Care?

Because We Love Dogs!  We use a positive method of obedience training that will be pleasant for both you and your dog.  Each dog has a unique personality to nurture and preserve, not to force into submission.  That’s why I use only positive reinforcement training methods to bring out the best in every dog.  Positive reinforcement training teaches that learning is fun; whereas harsher methods can lead to fear and even aggression.  Dogs give us so much… companionship, devotion, unconditional love.  Why not take the time to show your dog with kindness, the proper way to live among his human family.  If you’re looking for dog trainers in San Luis Obispo I urge you to insist on positive reinforcement training only.  And of course remember Handle with Care Dog Training ;-)

We Expect a Lot from Dogs

We want our dogs to understood us, often times ignoring their natural insticts to do what pleases us instead.   Actually, they can do these things.  And miraculously, they often do.   But we can make the learning experience much easier for dog and human if we try to understand things from the dog’s perspective as well.

Motivation Works Wonders

Some people are reluctanant to use treats or toys to train because they don’t want their dog to just work for treats.  Done properly, dogs can be weaned off treats very quickly and the good behaviors will remain strong.  Consider the symbiosis between dogs and humans which evolved thousands of years ago.  What originally drew them to us?   These dogs were “scavengers” looking for food, and found it among the villages of early human societies.  Since we have been their providers of food since the beginning of our time together, doesn’t it make sense that reward based training is the most natural way to relate to them?

 Train for Success

Attending seminars and workshops across the country allows me to keep abreast of the latest training techniques and philosophies. I am dedicated to continuing my education so that I will always be aware of the new discoveries that go on in the field of dog training.  By teaching you the best ways to communicate with your dog, with patience and understanding always a priority, I can help you to become a better trainer for your happier dog.

If you are contemplating other “harsher” methods, please…please call us first.  Handle With Care – Servicing San Luis Obispo County 805-328-8030.