How Can We Help?

When you choose Handle with Care Dog Training, you are choosing a nationally certified trainer with eleven years experience, who — like you, wants the best for your dog.  I am always respectful to you, the owner and will be sensitive to your needs as well.  My ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service, so that you can be the best trainer for your own dog.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Now in SLO, I started Handle with Care Dog Training  in Utah in 2002, where I was the first Positive Reinforcement trainer  In Salt Lake City.    I have never used any methods other than reward based.   Dogs are learning while they get to enjoy the attention, praise, success, play, food, and all good things!  Learn more…

Private Training – One-on-One

There are often situations that require a dog to be trained separately from other dogs.  Whether it’s due to an issue with the dog, or a mobile limitation for the owner, I am happy to assist.  I began my business teaching private lessons to dogs in their own homes, or at times at mine.  Either way, the special attention gets results!   Learn more…

Behavior Modification

Teaching a dog to extinguish old or “bad” behaviors and adopt new or “good” behaviors is “modifying” behavior.  This is not something that is forced, but rather something we would like to see the dog change on her own.  Learn more…

Training and Education

All Levels of Dog Training, Socialization,  Behavior, and Consultation by Nationally Certified Pet Dog Trainer Michelle Rizzi CPDT, CAP-2, Owner of Handle With Care.  Learn more…

Positive Reinforcement Training Classes: for puppies and dogs of all ages

Private One-on-One Instruction: for convenience or specific behavioral problems

Canine Behavior Modification: to change bad habits into good habits

At Home Tutoring: when you don’t have the time…I do!

Tricks Classes: hone your dog training skills in a fun and stress-free class

Fear and Aggression:  fearful, aggressive, and/or reactive dogs need our help

Free phone consults with Trainer available for clients

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes and testing*

*These classes will help those who wish to continue on to test for therapy dogs.  Much of the curriculum is designed to help you pass both tests (CGC and ITA).  Testing is done separately, but is included in the cost of the class.