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Michelle Rizzi, dog trainer, giving treat to puppy on leash in a park

Positive reinforcement training enables dogs to learn beyond their natural instincts in a force-free environment.
By understanding and respecting their needs, the teaching process becomes more effective and enjoyable for both the dogs and their trainers.


Why have it any other way?


Michelle has dedicated her life to improving the lives of neglected and abused animals. She began her journey in 2001 at the SPCA in Los Angeles, where she received an award for her exceptional work in providing enrichment and attention to the dogs.

Years later, at the Humane Society in Salt Lake City, she taught volunteers how to work with shelter dogs and eventually added community classes for people wanting to train their own dogs. 

In 2010, partnered with 2 other trainers, Michelle opened "Calling All Dogs," the first positive reinforcement training center in Salt Lake County.

Michelle Rizzi in a room with a dog sniffing her

Most recently, Michelle served as the Training and Behavior Manager at Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo for over 11 years.  At Woods she  focused on improving the behavior of challenging dogs to help them find loving homes. Her contributions have been honored with an Achievement Award and a Plaque displayed at the Woods University Training Center.

michelle award.png

Respect dogs for their unique qualities, strive to be worthy of their unconditional love, and handle them with care.

SPCA Friends for Life 2001 Outstanding HEAL Volunteer award for Michelle Rizzi
Woods award for Michelle Rizzi






- Is there a concerning  behavior

   that only happens in the home?

- Is your dog uncomfortable or not social around other dogs or people?​

- Or maybe you just want the convenience of training your dog

in the comfort of your own home. 

 $125 for one session ($110 in SLO)

 $345 for 3 sessions   ($300 in SLO)

 $100 after package of 3 in SLO

 $110  after package of 3 out of SLO



For busy dog owners, we offer the convenience of professional training in your home  while you are at work or otherwise occupied.  

I will come to your home during the week and train your dog for you!


Then we'll meet at the end of the week so I can show you what your dog has learned, and to "pass the baton" to you!​

 - $175/week multiple visits per week

-  4 week minimum required

  This service is only offered in SLO



Small group classes can be arranged as well.

Do you have multiple dogs in the home, or family, friends or neighbors who have dogs they would d also like to train?  Great!

​The more the merrier!    

​Hourly rates apply regardless of the number of dogs!

     $125 for one or more sessions

($110 in SLO)




Chelsea Mills, CPDT-KA
Trainer and Behavioral Consultant 

The changes that took place since you came to Woods speak volumes.  Your loyalty, commitment, care, expertise, advocacy…the countless lives you’ve touched.  And you had a great impact on the trajectory of my career. Thank you for helping me discover a purpose and vision in my life’s work with dogs."

Jami Relth, Dir of Development
Woods Humane Society

Michelle, you have been the rock and guiding force for Woods and helped so many animals including my own!  Everything I know about training I learned from you… and Ollie is so grateful to you for helping us discover agility.

Denise Porte, D.V. M.

Michelle‘s passion for improving dogs’  lives calls on her skill, knowledge and vast experience. Her kind and compassionate training methods are enhanced by her uncanny intuition.

Paula Smith, Client

Took classes from her with both of my rescues. They turned out to be the best dogs ever. She made training look so easy! Thank you for all your kind service to animals.”

Michelle Mele, Dir. of H.R.
Woods Humane Society

Michelle, you have made such an impact on so many lives, but most significantly for me and my rescue.”

Julia Donatelli, Client

When we added our JRT Pepper to our family we didn’t know what a handful she would be. Thankfully you were there at Woods with these amazingly helpful classes to teach us how to help her. She has come so far and we will continue to use the techniques you have given us. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Amanda Hefner, Dir. of Veterinary Services
Woods Humane Society

Thank you does not seem to be enough to convey the difference you have made in the lives of so many people and animals



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Michelle Rizzi talking with two other people with a leashed dog
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