Dog Training and Education

C.H.A.R.M.™ School

(Changing Habits And Reinforcing Manners)

Here’s where you can learn the fun way to train your dog to be the best dog he or she can be! And all in the prescence of others dogs. We offer basic obedience classes for Puppies, Beginner Adult Dogs, and Intermediate Adult Dogs. Start things off the right way with your new dog, or make things better with your old dog! Learn the easiest way to teach your new dog how to: Sit/Down/Stand – Come/Stay – Wait – Focus – Leave it – Go to your spot and more!

Find easy solutions to annoying behaviors like these:

– house soiling

– jumping up

– chewing furniture, fingers, (and a few of your favorite things)

– excessive barking

– pulling on leash, etc…

All Classes are held at Woods Humane Society

PUPPY PREP – six week course

Although it’s never too late to teach an old dog…the sooner the better. Training is easier if you don’t have to unlearn old habits. Especially with puppy training, there is no time like the present. Socialization, desensitization, handling, obedience and impulse control. For puppies under 5 months of age.

C.H.A.R.M. SCHOOL (Changing Habits and Reinforcing Manners) – six week course for dogs 6 months and older (see above)

BACK TO BASICS AND BEYOND – four week course

This is a condensed course offered to dogs with knowledge of basic obedience commands, but who may not yet be ready for Intermediate Obedience. In this class we will review the basics of C.H.A.R.M. with main focus on: leash walking, stay, and the recall.

INTERMEDIATE – six week course

This class if for dogs with a knowledge of the basic commands, who want to go to the next step and perfect their “stays”, “recalls”, “controlled greetings,” etc.

This class prepares your dog for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC)* test. The CGC test is open to all dogs, purebred and mix breed. Upon graduation of this class, dogs will be eligible for testing for the canine Good Citizen Certification. You can have the “model dog”…and the papers to prove it. This class is also recommended for those who would one day like to pursue therapy dog certificaton.


*The CGC is meant to be a measure of your dog’s good manners, socialization skills, and temperament; acknowledging his good standing in the community. This class will introduce you to the 10 exercises, prepare you and your dog, and troubleshoot any problem areas needed to pass the CGC test and receive certification. A CGC certification is an admiral goal for you and your dog to attain and earns the respect of dog enthusiasts everywhre In more recent years, landlords and insurance companies are requiring the


…There’s More!

You’ve got a small dog under 20 lbs. that you’d rather keep in a class with other small dogs and learn socialization skills and good manners? Ask about our Petite Pals classes.

Want to go walking, hiking, camping, etc. and utilize those skills that seem to work just great at home and/or in your living room? Let’s get outside and Take It On The Road! What a great way to test out all that you’ve learned in a real life situation with the trainers out with you.

There are special classes for Fearful dogs, and classes for dogs that are Aggressive/Reactive. Call, or email me to learn more about these classes and to find out the best fit for your dog.

Call me in San Luis Obispo at 805-328-8030 to learn the state of the art training techniques and get the best results for you and your dog.


Handle with Care Dog Training

805-328-8030, San Luis Obispo

Michelle Rizzi, CPDT, CAP-2