Happy Clients…Happy Owners

I am proud to be recommended by Veterinarians, the Humane Society and other rescues and dog enthusiasts, but my proudest accomplishments come from my client referrals. Without results, I would not be successful.  Now that I’m in San Luis Obispo, I am anxious to meet and help more clients find success training their dogs!

In the Words of our Happy Clients . . .

“Since Michelle began training here at the Humane Society, she has given much support to our volunteers and our clients. I enthusiastically recommend her obedience classes to our clients for their new dogs. With proper training and handling, these dogs have a much better chance of adapting to their new homes.”

Oliver Schmidt, Volunteer Coordinator, Humane Society of Utah

“There are so many great things that I could say about you and HWC…. Puppy class was a fun and enjoyable experience for both me and my dog and the positive training techniques that I learned actually work. I always recommend HWC to all my friends with dogs because Michelle makes it so easy to learn how to speak your dog’s language and get your dog to do what you want her to do without using harsh methods. When I get another dog, the first thing I will do is sign up for a class at HWC. It was a positive experience from beginning to end that I would do all over again.”   Jennifer Grevenhof, Park City

“Michelle has made all the difference with the little Springer spaniel we adopted from a pound. In one session in our home she addressed multiple concerns-barking, running away, etc. She is caring, patient and above all knowledgeable-educating us in dog behavior and owner responsibilities in a six week course. She considered CoCo’s breed, age, and temperament when advising us. I can’t praise her enough-our wild animal is now a happy dog that gets adoption offers constantly from people who meet her at the park or on a walk.”   Deb & Marc Olivier

“We just wanted to send a word of gratitude for your assistance with Bourriche yesterday.  We were at a loss and there didn’t seem to be much help in the books, articles, or websites we had looked through that would have been specific to what we needed help with.  Your step by step instructions, and suggested activities were clear, concise, kind hearted, and joyful, and will add so much value and sweet care to our relationship with him.  Thank you for sharing your gift and insight.  We would happily recommend you to other owners, and look forward to working with you more in the full classes.  Thank you again.”   Mila and Ashley and Bourriche

“I am the proud owner of two Jack Russell Terriers, but there have been times when I doubted my ability to keep up with these guys. After taking the Basic Obedience course with Michelle at Handle with Care Dog Training I learned how to intelligently communicate with my dogs and have much more control over their behavior. I know I am a better dog handler now, and my little JRTs couldn’t be happier!”   Ingrid Niesen

“I had the pleasure of attending Michelle Rizzi’s, Handle with Care, puppy obedience classes for my 2 dogs. She helped me train my dogs in a very fun and positive environment. Too many people believe in force and negative punishment instead of positive reinforcement. I believe Michelle’s method is a lot better, not just for the dog, but for the owner too (she didn’t get mad at us when it was obvious we hadn’t practiced!). It’s much more fun seeing how excited the dog gets after performing a task and getting a reward, instead of yelling at him/her when they don’t do exactly what you ask.”   Andrea Walcher, Taylorsville