A Mutt, by Any Other Name…

June 19, 2013 | By More

muttI saw two little Yorkies today, or so I thought, at a local coffee shop.  I asked if I could pet them and the lady corrected me saying that one was a Yorkie and the other was a Beeshorkie (sp?).  Not being familiar with that breed, I asked her what it was.  She told me (with a straight face) a Bichon and a Yorkie mix.  “Oh, you mean it’s a mutt?” (I should’a said)

Occasionally I’ll get a call from someone having problems with their Ausky or their Bascottie or something else I’ve never hear of.  Racking my brain to recall that breed, I finally confess my ignorance and ask  what it is.  The answer is usually a mix or hybrid which is more commonly referred to these days as a “designer dog”   The Ausky being a cross between an Aussie and a Husky and the Bascottie (…no, it’s not a cookie) is a Basset Hound and a Scottish Terrier.

All breeds originated from some sort of cross, but in recent years there has been an abundance of cross breeds popping up with new names and people are paying serious money for them.  It started with the Doodles and the Puggles and who knows where it will end.

Here’s a few designer breed names I invented to amuse myself.  And if you happen to own one of these “fictitious” breeds, then please accept my apology in advance.

– Cockerdoodle: Cocker Spaniel & Labradoodle

– Chippiniepoo:  MinPin, Poodle & Chihuahua

– Chakita:  Chow-Chow & Akita

– Great Scott!:  Great Dane & Scottish Terrier

– ToyBox:  Toy Poodle & Boxer

– Peking-Nose:  Pekingese & Blue Nose Pit Bull

– Bull Shit: Bull Dog & Shih Tzu

– Yankee Doodle Dandy:  Dandie Dinmont & Labradoodle (from Boston!)

I’m sure there’s many more fun names you can come up with.  But if you’re seriously looking for a hybrid or “designer dog” try your local shelter.  They are affordable and in need of a good home.  And you’ll probably find that Foxhoodle you’ve been looking for right there, waiting for you.

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  1. Nsaim says:

    I cried when I watched this video, I feel so bad besuace so many dogs dont have homes and die or have to be put to sleep. Animal Shelters put to sleep dogs with behavior problems, but they used to be puppies and still have feelings.Inside every good dog is a great dog, and it hurts to know some dogs arent even givin’ a chance .. :'(