Born To Be Slaughtered

September 27, 2013 | By More



…or Worse!

This is so difficult to write about, to even think about, but we all know it exists.  We are carnivors.  Or I should say omnivors, but the point is, we do eat meat.  We barbecue it in our back yards, we sautee it with vegetables, we give it up for lent, we feast on it for the holidays; we freeze it, we fry it, we feed it to our dogs, and then we dump it in the garbage when we’ve had our fill.    And at what price?   I’m not talking about the cost per pound at the grocery store.  But rather, the cost of life…usually a very short and sometimes brutal life of the animals whose meat sustains us.

Each of us choses whether or not to include meat in our diets.  And I am not advocating vegan-ism necessarily.  Rather, my concern is for the inhumane treatment some farm animals are subjected to.  The lack of respect and kindness that is shown to them prior to their slaughter.

No animal should be subjected to torturous, insensitive, cruelty for any reason.  And If you are not a vegan, or if you are not at least getting your animal protein from a humane farming facility, then you are enabling, even condoning these torturous methods of slaughter every day.  It must stop.  We are not powerless.

When we pick up that package of ground beef at the butcher shop, there is no indication of the possible suffering endured for our dinner.  It doesn’t even look like an animal at all.  It just looks like…a couple of hamburgers.

There is way more information about this than I can include in this 300 word blog.  And truth be told, I am unable to deal with the unbearable sadness and shame of it.  If you are up to investigating this further, here is a site to check out 

Let’s get our heads out of the sand, and help to improve the life and death of all the millions of farm animals that are slaughtered for our dining pleasure.  Don’t they deserve at least that?   A little compassion and respect please, for their lives too.


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