Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

June 26, 2012 | By More

Got an Itchy Pooch?

Allergies are not just for people.  Many of our pet dogs suffer from allergies too.  It might be a food allergy, allergies to the environment, different surfaces, or even…you!  That’s right… your clothes, your perfume, your hair?  (Stick that in your “hypo-allergenic dog” pipe and smoke it!)  First of all, you should try to determine whether it’s an allergy to food or the environment.  Does your dog itch all year round or just seasonally?

Food allergies can cause itching, but you’re more likely to see digestive problems from food.  “If your pet presents with digestive trouble, loose stools, and has trouble keeping down the doggie treats, the likeliest culprit is that big 50-pund bag you lugged home from the pet store. Commercial dog foods often contain a hodgepodge of grains and meats, and many pets are at least mildly allergic to an ingredient in their standard fare.”  (see

Corn, wheat and soy are among the top allergens in dog food and our dogs have no use for these ingredients.  Try eliminating these grains first.  If there is no change, try switching to a food with a different, single source of protein for a while.  It could take up to six weeks to see any significant change.

While some of us are vigilent about feeding the right food to fee our dogs, we may not always remember to check the ingredients in their treats and chews. Look for treats that are mainly meat without fillers, gluton, artificial sweeteners or colors, toxic additives (BHA/BHT/TBHQ) and by-products.

Some dogs also suffer from dust, pollen, grass, etc.  Booties can be helpful for some dogs allergic to outdoor surfaces.  For airborne irritants, there may be an analgesic to help their symptoms of “hay-fever.”   Check with your vet and get some relief for your little buddy.   Irritating, itchy skin is nothing to sneeze at.   ; )

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