What’s the Pup Chewing Up?

June 26, 2012 | By More

A Dog’s Gotta Chew!

…But, you would prefer that she doesn’t chew your shoes, or your furniture, or your children’s toys.   Well then, what’s the answer?

Puppies and dogs need to chew their whole lives. Finding the appropriate chew for your dog can help promote healthy teeth and gums, and can fulfill their need to chew.  Stuffed animals and rubber balls are toys…not necessarily chews, and many dogs will tear a plush toy apart or may not be motivated to play with a rubber toy by themselves.

Some appropriate chews you can look for are bully sticks, cow and lamb ears, and raw bones, to name a few.  Any time your dog has a chew, you should be there to make sure that she is safe and does’t try to gobble it up too quickly.

Another idea is puzzle toys or treat dispensing toys.  These can provide a dog hours of fun and stimulation.  Giving your dog the challenge of working for her food is pretty much the ultimate fun for most dogs.  Even feeding meals from a toy, such as a Kong, or a Treat Stick can make meals last a lot longer and when the meal is done, you have a very tired pup.  Nice, huh?

At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that your dog does not get access to the “precious chews” from your closet, or your living room.  Supervision is the first step in teaching your dog what’s ok and what’s not ok to chew.   And then redirect her away from the furniture and present her with her own special chew.   Voila!

Puppy-proof your home.  Don’t allow your pup to have access to the whole house.  Too many chances to make the wrong decision.  Once she learns what’s ok to chew, it will be a lot easier for her and for you!




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