Rescue Me

October 28, 2015 | By More

They call me Petunia… Tunibecause I’m so sweet.


I have been at Woods Humane society for a really long time.  I guess I like it here okay, but I really need to find my own place in this world.  I feel like the kid who stays at summer camp for the entire summer.  Making friends each week when the new group of campers arrive, only to say goodbye at the end of the week when they leave to go home….and I’m still here.  Talk about feeling alone in a crowd.

I love, love, love people.  I am gentle and cuddly and most people let me kiss them and, (if I can get away with it) sit on their lap!  But it’s cool if you aren’t into that kind of relationship.  I’m adaptable.

Everybody says that I am an incredibly funny player too, and  I’ve never met a toy I didn’t like.  Ball pits…love ‘em.  Big fluffy toys… love ‘em.  Cats…wait–not a toy.  I keep forgetting that.  Ok so, no cats for me.  That’s a big N – O

And while we’re on the subject, I feel I am obligated to tell you how I feel about dogs.  Don’t like ‘em.  I can be cool walking around them most of the time but I’m not what you would call dog-friendly.  I’m working with the training staff on this though and I am becoming much more comfortable around other dogs.  But you gotta know, this is a hard place to practice a thing like that.  Once you take me home (see how I slipped that in, heh-heh…) I am sure I will do much better.  My trainer here at Woods is going to be available for any help I need.   She is soooo crazy about me.  She says it’s hard to believe that nobody has scooped me up yet.

Anyway, all I know is, everybody here really thinks I’m a great dog and a great catch.  Oh yeah, speaking of “catch,” did I mention that I can jump fences too?  I don’t really think it’s such a problem though.   If you don’t leave me alone to entertain myself in the back yard all day, I’m sure I’ll be happy to stay put.  Or better yet, if you have a ranch.  I would absolutely love that.  Hiking… beach walks…I’m in!

So, with me you get best of both worlds…(ahem…with a few above mentioned flaws)  I am  energetic, playful,  fun-loving happy dog, who also loves to curl up by your side and hang loose.  Really.  That’s me in a nutshell.

Just think about it.  Come and get me as soon as you can.  You can even change my name to anything you like.   In fact, I would prefer Tuna or maybe Hot Tuna!  Ya, that’s me.

And you know that a Petunia by any other name still smells sweet!

Hurry… I’m waiting.

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