…And Your Little Dog Too!

November 20, 2013 | By More

littleLife can be tuff for small dogs.  Typically they are overlooked or underestimated.  And they don’t get the same respect larger dogs get.  How can we expect them to be as confident and tolerant as most larger dogs, when everything in their world is bigger than they are?   Even small children–with flailing arms reaching out to pick them up, squeezing them too hard, clumsily knocking them into doorways, or accidentally dropping them–can be frightening.

Their lack of stature is not the only reason why they’re so easily dismissed.   For instance, most cats are just as small but they are allowed their space and are respected for just being a cat.  If you grab a cat and try to forcefully pick him up and hug him and he snarls and/or bites you, he is often given a pass for… well, for being a cat.  The little dog that snarls and/or bites you, is labeled a bad, aggressive or even a dreaded “alpha” dog (whatever that is supposed to mean…)

Small dog lovers are easy to spot.  They don’t think of them as being any less of a dog than our beloved hunters, herders and guarders.  They love them for all they’re worth whether they are yappy or snarly, if they pee on the rug, or bite the neighbors’ children.  They don’t even mind their stinky little breath.

I must admit, I have always been a large dog fan.  Most of my dogs have been nearly as big as me, and I had never even considered owning something the size of a Chihuahua.  I didn’t think the little 5 lb. “canine-lite” was going to fill my needs for a dog.   I wanted a dog to walk with me, to tug on a toy or chase a ball, to learn how to be obedient and maybe perform a few tricks.  I love having a dog at my side when I’m just relaxing, to greet me when I come home each day and maybe even cuddle up with in bed.  hmm… Actually, a little dog is just as capable of doing all those things, perhaps even better than most big dogs.  So, what was my reluctance?

I think my perception of the small dog had more to do  with the typical small-dog-owner.   (And I’ll let you to insert your own images here…)

Most small dogs I’ve taught have been very willing, very clever, with abounding personality.  They are faithful companions, snugglers, guard dogs–and as small dog owners know, they can be very portable.   I often wondered why small dog owners carried their little dogs around all the time.  It’s because they can!


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